Monday, May 28, 2007

Michelle and Matt

On Thursday, I had quite the adventure shooting engagements for Michelle and Matt. Matt and I go all the way back to Jr High. I looked up to him a lot in High School. He is such an awesome guy and is so humble. I can totally see how he was able to sweep Michelle off her feet. They were so easy to photograph because they have perfect chemistry, these two were made for each other and they are so affectionate with each other. I am so happy for these two and I know they will last forever. After we got done shooting the photos and were headed home (we all rode in my van), I suddenly got a flat tire in downtown SLC, so I pulled over. Matt and I hopped out of the car to find we had a two for one special, not only did I have one flat tire, but I had two (both on the same side). I was stressing out and felt so bad for holding them up, but they were totally cool and understanding. Matt even saved the day by calling his AAA people and having them come out and fix the flats. Without him, I would've been stuck out there all night long, and on top of that, Michelle bought us dinner even though I insisted on paying. We had a long ride home taking the back roads, but it was fun getting to know these two even better. I can't wait for their wedding in June.

Twice the Love

Last Sunday, I did something I quite honestly have never done before, I shot two couples at the same time. Brittany and Sunny are cousins and are both getting married in August. I used to work with Sunny at Citigroup. So, since they both wanted SLC engagements, they figured we could all just shoot them on the same day. We had a blast and it was nice killing two birds with one stone. Brittany and Blake were such good sports and were so fun to shoot. Sunny and Brandon were hilarious and had so much fun. Anyways, here were a couple favorites from the shoots.

Kristie and Kory

Sorry about the delay in posting, I almost forgot what it was like to get no sleep at night. It is so worth it though. So last Saturday, I shot Kristie and Kory's wedding. I absolutely adore this couple and they have the cutest little son Parker who was all decked out in his finest tuxedo. Some of my favorite shots to do are of the bride getting ready. Her best friend ShirleyAnn who you will recall did her makeup for her bridal shots did an amazing job and she once again did a killer job with Kristie. ShirleyAnn and Kristie are such a riot to be around. It is kind of funny because since booking Kristie and Kory and shooting their engagements, I have had soooo many referrals from them and saw so many people I knew at the wedding because of the referrals, so I felt right at home. Thanks so much Kristie and Kory.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cameron Alexander Izatt is here!!!!!

It has been a very long night!!! Tiffany and I went to a photographers get together at Brody Dezember's studio last night and as we were leaving about 8:30, she started contracting 5 minutes apart and was in a lot of pain. So we headed to the hospital :) At 5:02 AM, my first son Cameron Alexander was born weighing in at 10 lbs and measuring 22 inches long. I might be kind of prejudice, but look how darn handsome he is. He cried a little bit when he was born, and when he had his first sponge bath, but so far in the past 12 hours, he has been so quiet and content. I just came home for a change of clothes and am now heading back to the hospital, but thought you guys might like to see some photos, so here you go. Thanks so much to all my family and friends for the support they have given. I will be posting some photos soon of a wedding from Saturday and some engagements I did on Sunday, so stay tuned.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pimp My Studio

I am very excited about the future grand re-opening of my studio coming up next week. We have added some more color to the studio for senior shoots, added hard wood floors in the sitting area, and just added a new 50" Plasma TV with a surround sound system for client proofing sessions (the picture quality is just awesome). I will now be conducting all proofing in studio on the big screen and then releasing them online after for all your family and friends. With the reopening of my studio, I will also be launching my new website and my new package prices that will now include Unlimited Coverage on the wedding day!!!! We now offer Wedding announcements and invitations as well as custom framing. I might possibly be hosting an opening night, so stay tuned. Here is a little sneak peak of the new changes.

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