Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It Is Finally Here

My new website is finally done and live, I am still in the process of updating a few things, but feel free to check it out.

Eventually, I will have a blog integrated right into my homepage, so I will no longer be posting on this, so please update your bookmarks to my new blog...coming soon.

Yeah, the new blog is done, please update your bookmarks to this link.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Very Very Soon......

I am days away from the release of my new website, logo, and packages. To celebrate the new changes, I will be giving $100 off all wedding packages through November 31, 2006. Stay tuned for some more big news when the new website is live....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Go ahead... Make my day.....

So one of my favorite brides totally made my day today. I checked my mail and got the following letter:


Here is the final payment for all the wonderful services you provided me! I just want to say THANK YOU for the incredible job you did. You made my wedding that much better. I have received so many compliments on all of my pictures! How you made me look some what photogenic is truely amazing! Nick and I really enjoyed working with you and are very happy and satisfied with the quality of work you provide. We appreciate how flexible and easy you were to work with. We will always recommend you to those seeking an amazing photographer! Million Thanks!!

Take care,

Nikki Taylor"

Thank you Nikki and Nick for making my day, I love it when couples are happy with not only their pictures, but the service I provide them with. Stay in touch Nikki, you guys are awesome friends.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Some Very Exciting Changes Coming......

so stay tuned as over the next two weeks I will have new exciting packages as well as a brand new website that is very classy and high fashion, you are gonna love it. I will also be running a special the month of November to where if you don't have me booked for your wedding yet, you will.

Happy Birthday Tayzhia!!!!

So you may remember back on 09-16-06 I shot Sunset and Justin's wedding and you may recall seeing pictures of Sunset's niece Tayzhia. Well I have become so close to Sunset's family, they invited my family and I to come to Tayzhia's 5th birthday party tonight. It was such a blast and we absolutely have fallen in love with Sunny's family. I am so glad that Sunny's mom Pam adopted me into their family. It was a dress up party and they did so many fun activities that once again, when the event was over I was sad we had to go (deja vu, I felt the same way at the wedding). Thank you so much for making us a part of the family and I know we will be in touch for years to come. You guys have become a special part of our lives and we look forward to next years party.

The birthday girl Tayzhia

My oldest daughter Kyleigh being shy

The birthday cake

Grandma Pam

My cute little family

Kyleigh being a pumpkin head, literally

Monday, October 09, 2006

Renaissance Wedding

So on Saturday, I had the honor of shooting Kim and Arthur's wedding in Fruit Heights and let me just say how cute a couple these guys are. They decided to do a renaissance wedding and wore the most awesome costumes. They even had live musicians Idle Wild that played the harp, flute, and drums and sang celtic and irish songs. Right in the middle of the ceremony, it started pouring cats and dogs and luckily they put up a tarp to cover us all, well the water collected on the tarp and as the priest was reading from his book, all of a sudden water started pouring on his head from where it collected, it was so funny, he didn't miss a word and just kept on reading. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Angie and Brad Zion National Park Wedding

So this past weekend my wife and I travelled down to Zion National Park to photograph Angie and Brad's wedding. On Friday the day before the wedding, Angie and Brad decided to do a shoot in Zions Canyon and it was a blast. I am surprised how hot it was down there (mid 90's), but despite the heat, we got some really great shots up the canyon. Then on Saturday, the wedding was held at the Switchback. It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was fun filled with hours of dancing. It was great seeing some familiar faces as some of Angie and Brad's friends are also friends with Jaime and James from whom I got the referral for this wedding. It was great getting to know Angie and Brad better and I was sad when it was over. Here are a couple of my favorite images highlighting the day.

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