Friday, June 30, 2006

Shanda and Dwayne Wedding Now Online

Shanda and Dwaynes Wedding photos are now online. Once again it was a pleasure to shoot a wedding for the Johns' Family. It was only 6 weeks ago that I shot Tiffany and John's Wedding (Tiffany is Dwayne's little sister). It was fun hanging out with the family again. Everybody has such fun and goofy personalities, which always makes for a fun time. Here are some a couple of my favorite images from the day. Also check out their slideshow by clicking the link below.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Must See Video

I was reading through a Photography message board today and found a link to this video. You have got to see it. Since I found it I have watched it like 15 times. The images are breath taking and amazing. I love the music too. Music video for a band called Sigur Ros from the United Kingdom. I think I might put the song up on my new website. The ending might seem kind of weird for some, but remember they are flying, not committing suicide. So without further adieu.

Music Video

Here is a link to the bands website to listen to more of their music and look at other music videos. Check out their music video called "Hoppipola" I love that one too. A bunch of old people walking around being kids, doorbell ditching and splashing in puddles. Simply Awesome.

Sigur Ros Homepage

Going To Zion's

I am so excited. Yesterday I booked a wedding in Zions National Park for September 30th. The couple is Angie and Brad, good friends of Jaime and James. Brad has known James since they were in kindergarten. This wedding is going to be so fun to shoot. Angie and Brad are a very cute couple. The scenery down in Zions is stunning. If anybody knows of any good hotels to stay in down there please let me know.

Jaime and James Album

Jaime and James Wedding Album is finally completed. Click the link below to view the rough draft.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Website!!!

I just purchased a new professional website package today. It is gonna be a sweet website and I can't wait to get it up and running. It should be up in a couple of weeks. Here is a picture of what the galleries will be like.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Jaime and James Wedding

My wife and I had such a blast last night. It was a packed wedding at Tuscany Gardens, there were so many people that had come to share in Jaime and James special day. They wrote their own vows, and when James read his vows to his new son Caleb, the waterworks turned on for me. Everyone was so easy to work with and were so nice, I felt like one of the family. James sung to Jaime and I thought I was at a Garth Brooks concert. He had a really nice voice. Check out their slideshow below.


Heidi and Judd's Wedding

My studio partner Dale Brown asked me to take group pictures for his daughter's wedding at the SLC temple yesterday, and what an honor it was. A good looking couple on a beautiful day. Check out the highlights of the day in the slideshow link listed below.


Jared and Rusti Engagements

Jared and Rusti were a really great couple to take pictures of. They were willing to do all kinds of goofy things for pictures so we had a lot of fun. Check out their slideshow at the link below.

Slideshow Click Here

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jaime Bridals

On Wednesday I went out to Antelope Island to shoot bridals of Jaime. It was a very fun photoshoot (besides the stink of the brine shrimp and all the bugs). The sunset turned out very beautiful and Jaime is such a photogenic person, so it made for some very nice pictures. View some of my favorites in this slideshow I created.

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