Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Adventures Of Madison and Kyleigh

Ok, so I have just a couple cute and funny stories to share about my two daughters that have happened recently. The other day we were out at the Old Spaghetti Factory in the Trolley Square Mall and we were sitting by a couple of foreign guys that were speaking a different language (possibly italian, turkish, or something like that), well every once in a while to my 2 year old Madison, I will speak gibberish like "goo goo gaa gaa" just to be silly with her. Well she hears these guys speaking a different language and she turns around to them and starts saying goo goo gaa gaa and other gibberish phrases. We thought it was so hilarious, but embarassing at the same time. Then a couple days ago we were out eating at Zoggers and there is the man eating alone enjoying his lunch break, he is an ideal weight, and my 2 year old again blurts out "That man fat" I don't know where in the world she got poor manners, because the man wasn't even fat at all. We were so embarassed, luckily I don't think that he heard her.

The story that I love most is what my oldest daughter Kyleigh recently said. It started a couple weeks ago when we found out that Tiffany is pregnant with our third child and we were so excited that we told Kyleigh and Madison that they will be having a new brother or sister. We didn't want to let anyone else know yet though as we wanted to surprise them with a creative photo story book with the first ultrasound picture. Well my mother was going to watch my girls for a little bit while me and Tiffany went to run some errands and as soon as Kyleigh gets into grandma's car and we are gone, she says to grandma "We're not having a new baby", and my mom says "Oh you're not are you?" and Kyleigh says "Well we are but you can't tell anyone"
So then they pick up my brother David from Job Corps and as my mom gets back in the car, my brother asks her "So Tiffany and Dustin are having a new baby?" and my mom looks at Kyleigh and says "I thought you were'nt supposed to tell anyone?" and Kyleigh responds "No grandma, you're not supposed to tell anyone"
When we heard this story we cracked up, it's so cute. So in case no one has heard yet, we are expecting our third child which will be due in May sometime.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Julie and Zach

On September 24th, I shot engagements for Julie and Zach. Can I just say these guys are so gorgeous. Julie has the most amazing eyes and I felt like I should be paying these guys to take their picture, lol. We shot them at Layton Park and they were good sports and did all the goofy things that I asked them to. I can't wait for Julie's bridal shoot and the wedding in January of next year. Here are a couple of my favorites. The blog uploader is giving me trouble with posting pictures, so please check back in a little bit for their pictures.

Andrew and Brianne

On September 24th I shot Andrew and Brianne's engagements at Layton Park. We had a lot of fun and thankfully the weather turned out to be just perfect. These two are just so cute together and were made for eachother. I love when I don't have to direct a couple and when they look naturally in love in photos. They weren't afraid to display their affection for each other and I just know they are gonna be so happy together. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.


On September 21st I shot some modeling shots of Amelia to help her build up her portfolio. We had planned on shooting at the train station in Ogden, but due to time and weather constraints we ended up just driving around Layton. We stopped first at a car title loan store on Layton because I absolutely love the yellow brick walls. After shooting there we headed out to Antelope Island for some wheat shots. It was a lot of fun, here were some of my favorite from the day.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sunny and Justin

On September 16th I had the honor and privilege of being Sunset and Justin's wedding photographer at Ivy Lane Reception Center in Ogden. Can I just say that I have fallen so in love with this family, they have totally welcomed me in as one of their own. After the wedding we became so close that Skye (Sunny's sister) and Pam (Sunny's mom) invited me and my family to Tayzhia's (Sunny's niece) 5th birthday party. I was feeling sad when the wedding was over because I didn't want it to be over and not see them again. So I am way stoked that I have been adopted into their family. I have officialy been dubbed as the "Family Photographer." I am so glad that I was chosen to preserve their day and I absolutely love that we have become such great friends and "family".

Monday, September 18, 2006

Nikki and Nick

Ok, so seriously, this was one of my favorite weddings and I absolutely love the bride and groom. I have grown so close to Nikki and Nick as well as their family over the past couple of months. Kara (Nikki's Sister-in-Law) is just the sweetest soul you will ever meet and I absolutely loved spending the day with all of Nikki and Nick's Family. I shot their wedding on Friday September 8th at the Salt Lake Temple and then their reception which was held at Eaglewood Golf Course in Bountiful Utah. It was raining before the temple photos and shortly after we finished so it worked out perfectly. I rained a torrential down pour for the rest of the evening though, but it was still a very beautiful reception. I was and am so sad that the wedding is over, I am gonna miss working will these guys.

Tyson and Desa

Ok, did you guys miss me? I have been so crazy busy with 4 weddings in 4 days. It started on Thursday September 14th with Tyson and Desa's Wedding held at Tyson's Mother's residence in Syracuse Utah. It was a windy day but the rain held out until later that night. It was a beautiful ceremony and the family was so nice and made me feel right at home. They made homemade salsa for the reception and it was delicious and spicy just the way I like it. Tyson's mom sent me home with a bottle. Thank you so much guys for letting me be a part of your special day. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

Julie and Brad

On September 9th I travelled to Evanston Wyoming for Julie and Brad's wedding and man did we luck out with the weather. When I arrived it was raining quite heavily and then quickly turned into hail. Luckily it subsided and turned out to be a bright sun shiny day for the ceremony. Here are a couple of my favorite images from the day.

Josh and Jenine

On September 8th I shot Josh and Jenine's Wedding at the First Presbyterian Church in SLC and then the reception was held at the Davis County Golf Course in Kaysville Utah. Josh and Jenine had taken some dance lessons for their first dance. They are such a cute couple and know that they will make each other very happy.

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